How to set the printer to B&W and Double Sided - for Mac OSX

  • Click on File and select print or press 'command' & P at the same time
  • Click 'Print..' 
  • Click the drop down box that says 'Copies & Pages'
  • Click 'Finishing'
  • Click the 'Print Style' drop down box & select '2-sided Printing'
  • Select '2-sided Printing' 
  • Click this drop down box again and select 'Quality'
  • Click 'Quality' 
  • Click the drop down box that says 'Colour Mode:' and select 'Black and White'
  • Click 'Black and White
  • Click on the 'Presets:' drop down box and select 'Save Current Settings as Preset
  • Click 'Save Current Settings as Preset...'
  • This screen will let you save this preset with a name, Use B/W 2 Sided if you like. Ensure 'All printers' is selected. Hit OK
  • Now when you want to print in colour, select 'Default Settings'
  • If you wish to print B/W double sided, select B/W 2 Sided (this will stay as default once you select it once to print with)


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