Adding a printer - PC - Clarence St

Your Desk on Clarence has three printers, each located on a floor.

Installation Guide

  • Open settings or control panel
  • Find add device or add printers
  • Click add device, it should start scanning the network to pickup the printer.
  • If it discovers the printer, follow the next buttons to install.
  • If it does not discover the printer, you will need to add it manually.
  • Click the "My computer couldn't find the device link"
  • Select TCP/IP from the drop down list
  • Enter the following in the TCP/IP section (or port number):
    • For the Level 3 printer, type in:
    • For the Level 2 printer, type in:
    • For the Level 1 printer, type in:
  • Name the Printers:
    • For the Level 3 Printer, I use "Your Desk Clarence L3"
    • For the Level 2 Printer, I use "Your Desk Clarence L2"
    • For the Level 1 Printer, I use "Your Desk Clarence L1"
  • Select next to install the drivers
  • Select Canon and use the Canon IR ADV C3080 driver
  • Install the printer
  • Print a test page
  • Good to go!



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